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We help clients protect and plan. For themselves. Their families. Their assets. Their farm or business. Their values.

We are passionate about our mission and the work we do. We approach each client with respect and compassion, knowing that each person, family, and business is unique and requires unique solutions.We will always listen first and make recommendations only after we clearly understand the client’s unique needs. We are known for our ability to communicate ideas and strategies using straightforward language and tools that allow clients to develop real understanding.

We will be your lawyer for life. We will be here to maintain our clients’ planning work over time so it works at that time in the future when our client families expect it to work.

At McChain Law, our main goal is to help elderly or retired family members and loved ones plan ahead for their family, assets, business, and their values. In the USVI, estate planning law can be a confusing and complex process. Instead of tackling legal issues head-on, many individuals prefer to bury their heads in the sand and believe it will all turn out alright. Allow us to provide legal advice and counsel for the following:

  • Probate Administration,
  • Trust Administration,
  • Will and Trust Contests and Disputes.

We can help you provide for your future and your family with custom plans that fit your needs. We don’t believe in cookie-cutter plans and work hard to provide straightforward communication that our clients understand. We have a maintenance system for all plans to make sure your plan works when it’s tested. We will be your lawyer for life as the years go by. Call us today and let us answer your questions or address any concerns that you may have and be on your way to gaining some peace of mind when it comes to thinking about your future.

The U.S. Virgin Islands (“USVI”) Economic Development Commission’s tax program provides significant tax incentives for qualified business development in the territory.  We represent clients in all aspects of their requests to receive economic benefits.

For approved companies, those that are in the USVI, and earn their income in the Virgin Islands may qualify for many of the following incentives:

  • 90% reduction in corporate income tax  
  • 90% reduction in personal income tax  
  • 100% exemption on gross receipt tax  
  • 100% exemption on business property tax  
  • 100% exemption on excise tax payments  
  • Reduction in the customs duty from the standard 6% to 1%  
  • Tax reduction on royalty income from software developed in the USVI and sold to non-US customers
  • Availability of rental space at below market rates in the St. Croix and St. Thomas Economic Development Parks

By relocating your business or qualified portion thereof to the Virgin Islands, you may be eligible to receive the above-listed tax incentives for your business for a period ranging from 10 to 30 years. Our staff will guide you through the application process and then help you manage the complex rules that govern the businesses that participate in these programs. If you are interested in receiving these tax benefits, please contact Attorney Scot McChain.

There are times when controversies can only be resolved through the court process.  And in those times, clients need tenacious and skilled litigators by their side.  Our litigation attorneys are experienced, innovative and aggressive in their pursuit of successful outcomes.

Our team approach includes a thorough assessment of client needs and concerns, comprehensive case preparation, and client participation in decision-making.

We are always proactive in considering alternative dispute resolution and arbitration processes.  And we are also committed to the effective use of paralegals and other non-lawyer staff whenever possible.  We try to make representation as cost-effective as we possibly can for our clients.